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For an existing LibGDX project of a card game, we are looking for a skilled developer to take up the iOS porting (Android and html already up). The game is already in production except for the iOS platform (iOS moe) that the candidate should integrate and test thoroughly.

Also the game on Android features a multiplayer aspect too, w/ Google Games Services. This feature is _not_ included in this task but, if the freelancer is up to it and has experience, could be the focus of a subsequent collaboration with him.

Proven LibGDX + Games Services experience to complete this task, preferably with published apps or projects, is required. Priority on freelancers with experience on multiplayer features for iOS.

The selected person will coordinate with my staff and periodically provide updates on the work done. He/she should provide support for one month after launch in case of bugs.
Preferred a single developer/coder and not a manager in a company because we need good constant communication.
Honesty and punctuality will be appreciated and reciprocated.

Once selected, a detailed requirement and info document will be provided to carry on the work, as well as extensive support by my staff for any problems or questions should arise.

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