Fjord _ Creative Technology Director


Fjord is a service design consultancy, acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2013. We design creative, effective, and desirable digital solutions that help people around the world. We work with the world's leading businesses to make complex systems simple and elegant with the power of creative design. Founded in 2001, Fjord employs a diverse group of over 200 design experts in 9 global creative hubs including Berlin, Helsinki, Istanbul, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Stockholm.

Fjord _ Creative Technology Director

Design Facing:

• Responsible for the quality and robustness of technical deliverables on each project.
• Be a hands-on technology expert, shaping the concept and seeing it through to detailed design and implementation across a variety of devices and platforms.
• Have an inquisitive interest in the latest development techniques and libraries. Experience of constructing and developing on a technology stack that meets the needs of rapid prototyping, whilst also serving as the foundation for future development.
• Demonstrate the value of prototyping as an integral and regular step in the design process of conceptualizing, refining, and finalizing an inventive solution, service or product.
• Be comfortable with driving innovation from a technical point of view, pushing the boundaries of complex services and solutions that are simple, relevant, and human centered.
• Keep up to speed with new technology market trends.
Client Facing:
• Balance the client’s business objectives, and technical feasibility constraints whilst meeting the user experience objectives of the project. Be prepared to challenge requirements.
• Establish and maintain strong working relationships with colleagues, clients, and key stakeholders.
• Work in partnership with the Project Lead to issue regular status reports and troubleshoot problem areas.
• Identify and alert the Project Lead to potential risks, and work with them to manage changes in scope and devise contingency plans.
• Identify new business opportunities that may arise from projects.
• Define quality control requirements. Produce lean technical specification and API documentation.
Team Facing:
• Take an active role in team activities, including design critique sessions, best practice initiatives, and social activities.


At least 10 + years relevant industry experience.
In possession of a relevant degree or professional qualification(s).
In-depth knowledge and experience in a relevant software engineering or web design discipline.
Creating prototypes for platforms such as wearables, mobile, web, and TV.
Experience of rapid prototyping, Agile development methodologies.
Experience with web and mobile accessibility tools and features.
Strong interaction design skills, and an aptitude for visual design.
Strong knowledge of structuring web applications
Ability to construct and deploy a back-end web service to support the needs of a front end application or service
Experience of being accountable for code quality and project delivery
Standards, package management, dependency understanding
Demonstrate a mixture of skills across the following areas:
o JS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Backbone, Angular.
o Fluid layouts and Responsive Web Design.
o Digital Design authoring tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud.
o Node, Python (Django), Ruby, PHP, Java
o MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL
o GIT, Gitflow
Exposure to and some experience with:
o Native app development, Android, iOS
o Hybrid app development, Cordova, Crosswalk
o Hosting knowledge – Heroku, PaaS, Docker (Containers)
o Continuous Integration, Fabric
o Jasmine, TDD & BDD
o Content Management and Analytics, e.g. Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, Adobe CQ5, Google Analytics, etc

Seek out opportunities for self-development.
Effectively manage administration such as time reporting, expense submission etc.
Engage with and work within changing multi-disciplinary teams.
Develop and maintain open honest and trusting relationships.
Continually strive to exceed client expectations.
Communicate in a clear, consistent and transparent manner.
Comply with Health and Safety policies and procedures.
Adhere to procedures relating to the proper use and care of equipment & materials provided.

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