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Fjord is a service design consultancy, acquired by Accenture Interactive in 2013. We design creative, effective, and desirable digital solutions that help people around the world. We work with the world's leading businesses to make complex systems simple and elegant with the power of creative design. Founded in 2001, Fjord employs a diverse group of over 200 design experts in 9 global creative hubs including Berlin, Helsinki, Istanbul, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Stockholm.

Senior Visual Design Fjord

Visual designers work collaboratively as a key part of our UX team to identify specific user/client needs and engage in ideating/evaluating initial concepts. Designers are expected to consider the project from a high level and how it fits in to an overall service, but also consider the fine details of User Interface components, labels, and flows to help users achieve their goals. The role of a visual designer is to approach project challenges with a focus on interpreting/developing the client’s brand whilst also communicating our clients’ message in an engaging and creative way. Designers must be able to apply and communicate solid rationale as part of their creative process and at all times execute to the highest standards.

The Senior Visual Designer is responsible for the conceptual development, direction and delivery of visual design. They possess excellent visual design skills with a strong sense of graphic, web and screen design, and a high level of understanding of visual solutions for smaller portable screens. They contribute to and own the visual design aspect of projects and pitches and have an appreciation of interaction design. The Senior Visual Designer can communicate effectively, clearly articulate ideas and possess a commercial understanding and awareness.

We expect the successful Senior Visual Design Candidates to have 5-7 years experience of delivering interface design solutions for various clients. The candidate must thrive working in a collaborative team environment.
This position reports to the Italy Design Director with support from the office Visual Design Leads.

Key Responsibilities:

• Apply conceptual thinking to create world-class digital services across multiple platforms, smartly bringing together user needs, business goals and technical realities
• Develop sound UX concepts, including the definition of customer needs, task analysis, and the creation of personas, storyboards, scenarios, user flows and use cases
• Develop the digital brand and identity strategy for our customers
• Translate concepts into designs that illustrate simplicity despite system complexity
• Create instant tangibility for the Fjord team and the client through storytelling and rapid prototyping methods, ranging from paper sketching to digital prototyping
• Develop the Visual Interface Design through personas, storyboards, scenarios, mood boards, iconography, photography and illustrations
• Produce animation/motion solutions and demos created in Flash, 3D or similar software
• Give data meaning through information visualisation
• Create light weighed style guides and brand guidelines to supplement prototypes for our implementation partners
• Work directly with customers and prospects to design end-to-end experiences using participatory and iterative design techniques including observational studies, customer interviews, usability testing, and other forms of qualitative and quantitative research to uncover insights, learn about user behaviour and verify design concepts
• Effectively communicate research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and visually
• Work closely with development teams to ensure that design specifications are implemented
• Participate as a contributor to an interdisciplinary team that includes other designers, project management, business and brand strategists, and hardware and software developers
• Collaborate effectively with remote team members, including designers, researchers, engineering, product management, marketing and others
• Participate in and contribute to Post Project Reviews.
• Play an active role in client meetings.
• Vocalise opinions and ideas to clients and the project team.
• Continually strive to exceed client expectations.
• When necessary, manage work streams directly with clients.
• Proactively identify business opportunities.

Required Background and Skills:

• 5+ years in-depth knowledge and experience of user interface design with consumer applications, preferably mobile devices, rich web apps/site, interactive TV within the media, telecommunications and broadband industries
• Extensive knowledge and experience with driving and applying user-centred design processes while working collaboratively with customers, along with cross-functional teams including engineering, product management and user research
• Working knowledge of design and prototyping tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Flex and Visio
• Proficient in a variety of methods to convey ideas and concepts (e.g. storytelling, storyboards, mood boards, prototypes, etc)
• Knowledge of web based technologies and mobile operating systems and platforms and their impact on the feasibility of design solutions, for example Flex, Ajax, Flash, HTML 5, CSS, scripting, iOS, Android, Windows7/8…, and various other technologies are a plus
• Demonstrable skills in illustration, photography, or diagrammatic expertise and iconography are an advantage.
• Knowledge of mobile, tablet and desktop platforms is an advantage.
• Good task management skills and the ability to brief and on-board other Designers.
• Ability to articulate and justify ideas and design solutions to clients.
• Ability to work independently and identify and solve problems effectively and efficiently.
• Be a storyteller - A critical element of all our roles is to deliver insights about people and behavior - verbally and visually - in a way that generates empathy, emotion, and engagement from the client and design team.
• A strategic perspective on the variety of work that we do. Many of our projects involve strategic thinking based upon the insights gathered from the field. Thus, business, brand, and/or strategic experience are desirable.
• A natural skill to engage with people at a deep level. Whether observing or interviewing customers, or working with fellow team members and clients, a service designer should be passionate about representing the human perspective in design and should have skills in bringing this passion to life for the team.

Other Requirements:
• Works collaboratively and curiously.
• Takes ownership and responsibility for their work.
• Responds professionally to feedback and is able to admit mistakes quickly.
• A self-starter who identifies opportunities and potential problems – addressing them effectively and efficiently.
• Professional, flexible, and able to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.
• Strong organizational, time management skills.
• Able to communicate in a clear, consistent, and transparent manner.
• Passionate and enthusiastic about excellence and attention to detail.
• Seeks out opportunities for self-development and continuing education.
• Develops and maintains open honest and trusting relationships.
• Goes above and beyond prescribed duties as and when required.
• Fluent in English
• A willingness to travel overseas.

This job description is subject to change.

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