Senior Java Developer (Firenze)


Wage: € 70,485 (18 months - including employer contributions)
Develop Java-based JEE applications using the Spring framework including design and implementation of new architecture; work in a team environment. Ensure system capacity, performance and failure recovery architecture including design and execution of non-functional tests; support production troubleshooting and patches; mentor developers on team.

• 10+ years experience in the IT industry working in the area of product and/or application development
• Strong knowledge and experience in team development using Java;
• Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, sometimes stressful environment, and deliver production quality software within tight schedules;
• 10+ years as a Java Developer;
• 3+ years as senior Java or JEE developer;
• Strong working knowledge is required in each of the following: Java, J2EE technologies, Spring MVC framework, Java Servlets, AJAX, JSP, JMS, JDBC
• Strong working knowledge of messaging middleware, OO design concepts and design patterns;
• Proficient with database development concepts;
• Mysql experience is a must.
• Hibernate and Lucene experience is a must;
• JPA knowledge is required;
• JQuery is required
• JSF2 + Richfaces framework is a plus;
• Mootools is a plus
• GWT knowledge is a plus;
• AngularJS knowledge is a plus; © 2020 - JavaJob è un progetto realizzato da Gsoftware srl